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A valuable video course that teaches families all about the progression of dementia, how to deal with day to day obstacles in giving care to that loved one and much, much more. 

Hi, I am Dr. Pam Hiti, a Physician with 26 years of experience in Family Medicine. I spent 5 years at a long term care for Veterans, including Veterans on the Alzheimer’s Dementia Unit.

During this time, I learned just how much families do not know about the progression of dementia and what to prepare for.  I soon realized how valuable a course on the progression of dementia would be for families. In the world of healthcare today, Medicare does not pay for any long term care, so many families are faced with trying to care for their loved one at home.  The various forms of dementia present very challenging and unique problems for families.

The Dementia Caregiver Video Course is designed to prepare you for all the challenges and hopefully make life for you and your loved one with dementia as smooth as possible.

The Course includes:

  • Learn Why A Complete Workup Is So Important
  • What To Do First (after your Loved One is diagnosed)
  • Learn How to Communicate with Your Loved One With Dementia
  • Dementia and Falls (and dealing with fractures)
  • Pneumonia (caused by choking and chewing difficulty)
  • How to Keep Your Loved One Safe
  • Adult Day Care
  • Dementia Medications such as Aricept and Exelon (help slow the progression of dementia)
  • Anti-psychotic Medications (helps with behavioral issues and aggression)
  • How to Deal With Behavioral Disturbances
  • How to Deal With Sexually Inappropriate Behavior
  • Caregiver Fatigue

This video course is approximately 4 hours in length.  It is very informative and complete.  It is designed to help you understand what the cause of dementia is and how it progresses. I have priced this video course at $97.00 for the entire course. This is less than $25.00 per hour for Dr. Pam’s time. UNHEARD OF!!!! I wanted to make this course affordable for everyone and thus the low price. The typical cost to access a Physician is well over $150.00 per hour, which places the value of this course at well over $600.00.  YOU WON”T BE DISAPPOINTED!

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Authored by Dr.Pam Hiti