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Testimonials from Staff Members of Care Facilities and Families that have purchased my Dementia Caregiver Video Course


I purchased Dr. Hiti's video course for myself and my family 3 months ago after our beloved grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia and we as a family decided to care for her at home. Within 2 months, the problems began with Gran acting out, striking at some of us and cursing! She would also refuse to do anything for several of the family members. After buying the video course, we watched it as a family. Believe me, you will need many tissues because this is a no holds barred kind of course. First of all, I want to say that I wish Dr. Hiti was here in Pittsburgh, PA because all of us in the family would be using her. Her compassion is unmatched by any Physician I have every dealt with and this was simply on video. She is so down to earth! She makes it very easy to understand what needs to be done for Gran every step of the way. Several of us have watched the video 3 to 4 times each and come out with another 'pearl' each time we watch it. One of the biggest things we learned that helped quickly was developing a routine that each family member had to adhere to for Gran. The behavior of striking out and cursing began to diminish within a week. Now, we all approach Gran in the same way and know to leave her alone when she puts her fists up or strikes at us. I know I am rambling and could go on forever, but I felt the need to let everyone know that this course is the one to get! It is 4 hours in length, never boring, very informative and obviously was recorded with love from Doc.- Cathy Butler, Pittsburgh PA

Dr. Hiti has conducted the Monthly Alzheimer Support Group on three occasions for our Memory Care Unit. Dr. Hiti has provided educational materials and handouts for family members and conducted lectures concerning the disease process of their loved ones struggling with Dementia. She has been able to work with families in coping with their lack of understanding of the disease, what to expect today, as well as help prepare them for what the future holds for their loved one and their family unit.

Dr. Hiti was very compassionate and patient with the many questions from families as well as emotionally charged meetings. At each of our monthly meetings, she graciously gave each family member the time they required, answering all their questions and concerns.

- LeAnne Barger, Memory Care Administrator The Springs at Tanasbourne

I highly recommend Dr. Pam Hiti for any community desiring to further staff education for Dementia Residents. Dr. Hiti conducted training for our staff who work daily with our “Memory Care Residents”. She is very knowledgeable, personable and engages with her audience one on one.
Our Medication Aids and Personal Caregivers received added confidence in their daily care of the Alzheimer’s patients as well as a deeper understanding of the disease process. Many of the staff have requested Dr. Hiti return for additional training and education.

- Holly Simpson, RN BSN, The Springs at Tanasbourne

Dear Dr. Hiti,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the training you did for the Memory Care staff. I learned so much in our class and the handouts were so helpful in understanding what happens to our residents with dementia. I feel so much better in caring for my residents on the Memory Care Unit. I believe the residents will be safer and happier since I attended your training.

Thank you.

- Nisa Davidson, Med Aide, The Springs at Tanasbourne


I am a retired Primary Care Physician that has a passion for teaching people about the various forms of dementia and how to care for your loved one suffering with dementia. I spent several years of my career caring for residents at a VA facility living on the Alzheimer's Unit. I produced "The Dementia Caregiver Video Course" that takes you from the workup for dementia, through the various challenges you will face in caring for someone with dementia, to end of life issues.

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