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One of the biggest challenges that Assisted Living Centers and Long Term Care Facilities offering Memory Care face is Staff education.  It is imperative to have staff members understand the various forms of dementia and what challenges dementia presents in caring for these residents.  You must develop a team approach that includes everyone from ancillary staff such as housekeeping to Providers and Families. I take a hands-on approach in training members of your Memory Care team that includes the following topics:

  • What Dementia does to the brain and why that is important to know as a caregiver
  • How to communicate with Dementia residents
  • How to approach a Dementia resident
  • How to provide daily care for a Dementia resident
  • The 5 Senses and how Dementia affects them
  • Why Dementia residents lose the ability to speak
  • Why a routine helps your  Dementia resident
  • Why activities are vital to a daily routine
  • How to deal with wandering
  • How to recognize early warning signs of illness
  • How to recognize chewing and swallowing difficulties
  • How to deal with behavioral disturbances
  • Hydration issues that occur with Dementia residents
  • Nutritional changes that occur with Dementia
  • Why ALL Dementia residents fall and the warning signs to look for
  • How to keep a Dementia resident safe
  • Understanding the progression of Dementia
  • End stage Dementia and dying

There is a lot of education available online that many Facilities use to “educate their staff”. It has been my experience with my own Staff at the Veterans Center and the Facilities I have worked with, that the hands-on approach is much more engaging and the Staff responds to it in a very positive way. You will immediately find your Staff members utilizing the skills they learn in my classes. The fear experienced by many Staff members associated with caring for residents with dementia disappears. Your Staff members will become confident and skillful in their approach to the residents and the challenges associated with their day to day care.

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I am a retired Primary Care Physician that has a passion for teaching people about the various forms of dementia and how to care for your loved one suffering with dementia. I spent several years of my career caring for residents at a VA facility living on the Alzheimer's Unit. I produced "The Dementia Caregiver Video Course" that takes you from the workup for dementia, through the various challenges you will face in caring for someone with dementia, to end of life issues.

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