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Vascular Disease and Prevention of Dementia


Vascular Disease plays a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia. Below, you will find various articles and a video that discusses this very issue.



Blood Vessel Damage Plays Key Role in Alzheimer’s-related Dementia – Cornell Chronicle Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:55:15 GMT

Blood Vessel Damage Plays Key Role in Alzheimer’s-related DementiaCornell ChronicleControlling hypertension, diabetes and obesity — so-called vascular risk factors — also may retard the progression and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia, Dr. Iad …

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This is a technical article but the overall information is this: with vascular disease or hardening
of the arteries, “The brain blood vessels become unable to supply the oxygen and nutrients needed
to fuel the most energy-demanding brain functions, such as learning and memory,”  thus, both
Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia develop. While the study focused on the connection
to Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to realize that Vascular dementia is a direct result of vascular
disease in the brain.



Connecticut study underway could delay or prevent dementia – Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:36:57 GMT
  Connecticut study underway could delay or prevent dementia. Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia are among the most common, robbing people of memory as well as skills related to thinking and learning. The study is looking into how common med …

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This is great news because research shows risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, are the same as those that contribute to dementia. This study will help Providers understand how aggressive to be in treating hypertension, high cholesterol and many more risk factors.



New projects to improve dementia detection – The University of Manchester (press release) Mon, 27 Oct 2014 00:03:44 GMT

New projects to improve dementia detectionThe University of Manchester (press release)These changes are thought to be part of one of the important processes involved in causing cell death and tissue loss, and are likely to be particularly relevant to …

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Here is the overall reason for this study: “Successful management of patients with dementia is helped significantly by early and accurate diagnosis. Imaging methods such as MRI and PET are already used in the diagnostic process, but we believe that there is substantial scope for both methods to be improved to provide more precise and sensitive diagnostic information, and to do so in a way that is easily tolerated by patients.” Anything to help improve the EARLY diagnosis of dementia is desperately needed.



Dementia – Cognitive Impairment Disorder Symptoms & Signs – Healthline Jul 15

What Is Vascular Dementia. Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. What Can I Do to Prevent Dementia. Fun Ways to Prevent Dementia. New Study Strengthens Connection Between Diet, Diabetes, and Dementia.

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This is a great resource, many links to different topics that are helpful.


Vascular dementia

Vascular dementia or multi- infarct dementia is dementia caused by problems in the supply of blood to the brain, typically by a series of …

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“Vascular dementia or multi-infarct dementia is dementia caused by problems in the supply of blood to the brain and is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease “


Prevention of dementia

Prevention of dementia is the attempt to avoid developing dementia . … Since vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia …

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Good resource to help you understand changes you can make in your lifestyle to decrease your risk of developing dementia.


Vascular cognitive impairment

Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) is a spectrum of cognitive impairments caused by … Included in this spectrum is Vascular Dementia (VaD …

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Vascular cognitive impairment is a new term being used in Medicine to describe the changes that happen in the brain with strokes and causes mild changes in memory.


Audrey and Alan’s story – living with vascular dementia – Alzheimer’s Society

Watch Audrey and Alan talk about Audrey’s diagnosis of vascular dementia, the lack of treatments for vascular dementia, and why research into dementia is so …

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The goal of this post is to reinforce the need to take care of yourself now, as Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia are irreversible. Stop smoking, start exercising ( include exercises for your brain), treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol aggressively, especially if you have a family history of any form of dementia. To learn more about Vascular Dementia, click here.






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